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DANGER! Copyright Infringement Ahead

Danger - Copyright Infringement Ahead!

Make sure you use non-copyrighted photos and information for anything you put on your website, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages...

Already this year I have seen several instances where clients of mine receive a copyright infringement letter from companies that “troll” the internet looking for unlicensed photographs. One of the biggest sources of copyrighted images is Getty Images and they are very diligent about looking for these type of claims.

To establish a claim for copyright infringement Getty (or another holder of the copyrighted photo) only needs to show that you used, copied or displayed the images without their authorization. The letters can be very intimidating, and make it appear that you have no defenses and that you owe them money (often in the $1500-$2500 range). They will suggest you settle right away.

Do not pay this without speaking to an attorney first. There are steps you can take that might help to mitigate their claim. Know your rights.

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