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Creating a 501c3 Tax Deductible Charity Has Gotten a Lot Easier…and Cheaper!

Did you know...

In the past, the amount of work and information necessary to file an IRS 501c3 application was daunting. It was often quite costly with the filing fee of $750 and legal fees were from $2500-$5000 because of the extensive paperwork. After all that, it often took up to 15 months to get a final decision from the IRS!

Today, there is an expedited application process that has totally changed the costs and timeframes for approval. If you are starting up a non-profit corporation with an initial income of less than $50,000 you qualify to use the expedited process.

The filing fee is now $275, the legal fees may range from $500-$1500 and the approval process can take less than 120 days once the application has been submitted.

Maybe it’s time you considered turning your non-profit into a 501c3 Tax Deductible Charity?

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